“Boy Play In Clear Water” by Sura Nualpradid on freedigitalphotos.net

“Boy Play In Clear Water” by Sura Nualpradid on freedigitalphotos.net

While there is plenty of fun to be had this summer, it is the time of year that yields a large number of dangers for your children. If you are a parent planning your next summer vacation, here are some important summer safety tips for children to remain safe. As long as these guidelines are followed, you and your family will enjoy a fun and safe summer.

Water safety

Having a plan around pools, along with proper security measures, is one of the most important things to do first. That means having any gates around your pool area locked with alarms installed. Not just for security, but also when you have small children who are not able to swim. Parents also need to make a list of rules for the entire family.

  • Running and other forms of horsing around is not allowed around the pool.
  • Adult supervision is required for any of the children to go swimming.
  • All children must attend swim classes to learn the basic fundamental strokes and also other important tips in case of danger that is usually covered in swim courses.
  • If a storm approaches with any form of lightning, everyone must leave the pool and make their way inside.
  • For swimming trips at a public beach along an ocean or lake, children should make sure they follow any signs along the beach.

Sun safety

One of the most important things about being outside at a pool or beach, or any other activity that involves having exposed skin, especially when the sun is out and the temperatures continue to rise. Therefore, the following are important rules that every family should implement for the summertime.

  • Sunscreen is mandatory before going out, regardless if the skies are clear or cloudy.
  • For trips to the pool or beach, the sun block should be waterproof.
  • Constantly apply sunscreen throughout the day, especially when the children play with water.
  • Children should wear a T-shirt if they are not entering a pool or body of water, especially if they have fair skin.
  • Hydration is important when trying to avoid heat stroke, so children should be given plenty of water, juice or popsicles while taking breaks in between playing.

Bicycle safety

Riding bikes can be fun, however there are a number of hazards on the roads around the house or wherever your children might ride with their friends.

  • Never allow your children to get on a bicycle without a helmet. Anyone who works in an emergency room can explain why.
  • For family bicycle rides, one parent should have a whistle to blow when one of the children is being unsafe. This can be an effective tool for children who like to daydream.
  • Bicycle paths at public parks can be one of the safest options that can also be combined with a picnic planned halfway through.