The Pouchmiss is the hottest accessory for new mums. Designed by an Australian mum for mums, this handbag organiser converts your favourite bigger bag into an organised and stylish nappy bag instantly! Simply pack it up with your mum & baby essentials then slip it into your bag of the day.
Finally your nappy bag can match your outfit without having to spend thousands of dollars on multiple nappy bags!

Comes with matching compact baby change mat that folds to fit neatly inside and features 2 insulated pockets for baby¹s bottles, a strap for hanging over your stroller handles and many pockets and compartments for your “stuff”. If that wasn’t enough, The Pouchmiss protects your bag from baby-related spills and accidents as it can easily be removed and wiped down or machine-washed clean as new. Genius!


I am expecting baby number 4 and saw the Pouchmiss online and decided that this had to be the best “nappy bag” on the market, trust me after 3 kids i have had a few. The Pouchmiss fits conveniently inside my leather handbag, which has saved me literally hundreds of dollars as that’s how much a leather nappy bag cost’s…not anymore, and the best part is i can swap it to any other bag i choose!! An extra bonus is that it is not too feminine or babyish so my husband can take the Pouchmiss out without any embarrassment.

Nicole Addo

I love my Pouchmiss.
Without it my bag was a constant mess of nappies, wipes, change mats and my own bit and pieces. Now with the Pouchmiss my bag is semi organised (it would be completely organised if I didn’t have two sets of hands constantly trying to take stuff out of it). I can now keep all of my stuff together in one side, know where to find my lipgloss and also keep all the nappy change stuff together. It’s been fabulous.
So glad I stumbled across you in Shop for Kids.

Michaela Macaulay

Thank you so much for the Pouchmiss! Before Pouchmiss my big, gorgeous but chaotic bag was an absolute disaster, containing everything required to feed, change, and entertain my toddler, as well as all the bits and pieces that you will find in any high maintenance woman’s handbag. It was impossible to find anything when I needed it, I would often be scrambling around trying to find my ringing mobile, with my daughter hanging off one arm, trying to get into the bag to retrieve her snacks! Now I know where everything is, I can get to things with ease, nappy changes are fast and efficient, and my husband is no longer tearing his hair out when I need to answer my phone! I’m also thrilled to be able to use my nice bags instead of the cumbersome and unattractive nappy bag.

Good luck with everything,

Rikki Ambrosius

I bought 3 Pouchmiss’ from you just prior to Christmas.

I am not currently a mum, but planning to be one in the future (hopefully).
In the meantime, I prefer your pouchmiss to other handbag caddies because the size of the pouches are much more user friendly and the good handle means I can transfer it easily without tipping it over or anything falling out.

I also bought a Pouchmiss for my mum, who is hoping to be a grandmother in the future, but is also a nurse on a childrens ward and often works with her patients and their families outside of the hospital. She loves that she can have her ‘babysitting’ things and nursing equipment kept separately and ready to go, but still use her normal handbag.

My third Pouchmiss was for a friend who has a little boy, now 18 months old.

She was getting completely frustrated with a cumbersome (and unattractive) nappy bag and thanks me every time I see her now! She loves it, says it is the perfect size for what she needs now, and she is confident that she will always have what she needs and that ‘it isn’t lost in the bag I used yesterday’.

Kind Regards,
Jessica Jenkins