'137 - Look up!' by  David D  at flickr

‘137 – Look up!’ by David D
at flickr

No one ever said that teaching a lesson to your children would be easy, but it is one of the most important requirements of being a responsible parent. While there is school, you still have an obligation to be a source of education for your child as he or she matures. However, many parents feel they are not capable of providing any proper instruction – often using excuses like “I have to work” or “I don’t have the patience to teach.”

The thing is that it is very easy to do and despite it’s simplicity can be the most effective way of helping your children. The best technique to have them learn is through reading. When your children are at a young age, you can often read stories to them and help them develop not only their academic abilities, but also their emotions and overall behavior. Below are the five main reasons you should read to your children at a young age.

It’s not another lecture

When reading a story, you aren’t giving them an address in a threatening tone. That tone usually comes across as telling your children how messy they are, how silly it is to be scared of something or stating how they don’t listen. It’s usually done in a very annoyed, angry or blaming tone – especially if you point your finger at them and using the word “you.”

Imagine if someone said the same type of comments to you at the office and think whether that would be a teachable moment. It’s better to focus on finding solutions to the problems. By reading stories about those issues, you are removing any blame being passed on and focusing more on the problem – which leads to a much healthier discussion.

Preventing and curing

Through reading, we can help our children be able to work through anything that is currently bothering them. It also helps parents in being prepared for anything that is likely to pop up at some point during a child’s life. Consider the stories as a way to experience what can happen during different situations and how others have been able to adapt or recover from a problem while still safe at home away from any danger. Use a book about bullying to help teach your child what should be done if they see it happening at school.

Book characters become role models

It’s normal for children to identify themselves with the characters in the stories you read them. It makes it a lot easier when you ask them what in the story reminds them of who they are or what they do. One perfect example is how some children view the “Little Engine That Could” as a way of knowing that they can if they believe enough regardless of what others may tell them.

Keeping their attention to reprimands

Some experts believe that using the information placed into a story is a good way to help them organize and retain information that they can access later on in life when a similar situation arises. That means they can use stories they’ve been read as a way to know how they can be reprimanded for their actions; which can discourage them from negative results. Also expect to see them taking more initiative in the efforts to cleaning their room.

Helping in critical thinking

Remember how stories can be a safe way to see the reactions to actions and behaviors. Many experts feel that this will help them in developing questions they have for their parents about different things like how someone was separated from their parents in the story and what they might have been feeling when it happened. Consider it the best way to teach children about how solutions are formed ahead of time – how someone can prevent from becoming separated in the first place.

Reading stories with your children will help you act as a better parent for more than just the education you are providing them. Above all else, you are providing quality time with your children that they will cherish – so break out your favorite story and share in some memories with them.