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The birth of a child is the moment in a woman’s life where viewpoints change. Long gone are the days where you had that honeymoon after the wedding, which did happen to bring the news that you were pregnant with your first.

This is the first highlight of many soon to come of your life in marriage, as the love two people share is about to bring to life a new member of the family. While there is plenty of reason to celebrate and anticipate the new baby, there is a lot of planning and stress on both your mind and body – especially the mum.

Mum will experience a number of discomforts that come with being pregnant – morning sickness, nausea, vomiting and other ailments – all of which are caused by the sudden hormonal changes in mom’s body. Additionally, pregnancy is when mum and dad will learn about the three main stages of conception– ovulation, fertilization and the division of the egg.

There’s no set timetable for how long it takes any couple to conceive – some takes days and others take months, even years. There might be some delays that can be caused by habits such as drinking and smoking. Obesity and use of drugs or medications can also be a cause that keeps mum from conceiving.

While mum will eventually find herself dealing with things like morning sickness, she’ll also feel fatigue, a heightened sensitivity to taste and smell, bloating, frequent trips to the bathroom and also a swelling of the breasts.

Once you learn you are pregnant, there are a number of guidelines you must follow to have a safe and healthy baby:

  • If a food’s smell is bothersome, don’t eat it.
  • Increase consumption of carbohydrates like bread, grain, wheat and rise.
  • Enjoy gelatin for dessert, while also increasing how often you drink herbal teas that are not caffeinated.
  • Do not eat too much rich food filled with a lot of negative fats.
  • Fruit can replace sweet snacks while also helping prevent nausea.
  • Ginger can also help with any sickness.
  • Do not allow your stomach to be empty for more than a few hours at a time.
  • Your doctor will prescribe essential vitamins you need to take each day.

Because carrying a baby is one of the most important tasks that you have to be responsible for, mum will have to make health and wellness top priorities for the next nine months or so. That means planning regular visits with doctors who will make sure you are on the right path to a healthy pregnancy.

Eating is also essential since mum is “eating for two” and must have an emphasis on folic acids and Vitamin B-12 – that means making sure the daily diet includes dairy, eggs, meat and fish.

At the same time, just because you are carrying a baby doesn’t mean mum has to give up your favorite hobbies. The doctors can help mum develop a light exercise routine and also scheduling time to relax so that mum is better prepared for the labor and delivery part of motherhood.

The baby will continue to grow over time in the womb. Mum should continue to feel pampered while developing a deeper bond with the soon-to-be dad. There will also be a mixed set of emotions that accompany the nine months of pregnancy, so it might be good to learn about how moods can change during each of the trimesters. That also means dad has to be aware ahead of time so that he can understand mom’s mood and can provide the necessary support.

The important thing is that when mum is happy, the baby will be happy. Mums should celebrate the next nine months and be prepared to welcome that new bundle of joy at the end of the process.