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Raising Children

As parents, you know your child’s best. So more often than not, your gut feeling, with good intentions is better than any tips and pointers out there. However, there are times when we need other people’s input and opinions in raising children. The best way is to be selective and find the ones that you think can fit into your method, will work within your circumstances and family way of life.

Here are some handy tips and tricks Mum Zone have gathered for our Mums and Dads to help us to go through our journey in Raising Children and Parenting.

If you have any help on Raising Children or other Child Behavioural problems, please don’t hesitate to ask our Child Behaviour Expert Karen Phillip.

It’s inevitable for your child to hit those teenage years and want to be given more responsibility with money. Think about how you as a parent were in those years and what your parents taught you about being able  Read more
When your child gets closer to the age of 2, life will change very quickly and in a drastic fashion. Life is already crazy enough having a child, but it’s about to reach a new level of frustration as  Read more
For a parent to tell their child that they are good for nothing in an effort to get them to stop crying child is probably not the best approach. None of us were perfect little angels when we were  Read more
No one ever said that being a parent would be easy. Some days can be easier than others, almost like your family is living a dream that many might think is impossible. When you consider that parents have to  Read more
One of the most important things parents must do is get an idea of what might potentially be troubling your child, who may actually be dealing with a number of concerns or worries. There are a number of different  Read more
The following is an email sent by a reader: I have a parenting question regarding the challenges I have with a strong willed child. The challenge we have is with our 15 year old. When corrected, she will argue  Read more
Reading is one of the most important life skills because it is involved with everything we do, which is why parents should help their children become better readers starting at an early age. When you start to instill reading  Read more
Have you ever found yourself in constant daily battles with your child? If so, then you, your child or both are in a competitive need cycle. As humans, we are born with all five basic needs that are genetically  Read more
Let’s say your child is not getting his or her way and decides to flop onto the floor while screaming, kicking and crying. This happens to a lot of parents and sometimes we wish we knew the best ways  Read more
Do you have a child? Do you love him or her? About 99.9 percent of those who answer yes to the first question had the same response for the second one. The challenge becomes when your child misbehaves on  Read more
One of the most important life skills is the ability to recognize and acknowledge our emotions. Children and adults can benefit greatly once they acquire this ability to not only make their lives happy and free of conflict, but  Read more
The definition of failure as a parent will depend on many factors, including culture, their hopes for their children, and the circumstances the family is in. One parent’s successes, such as Donald Trump having both children incorporated into his  Read more
She gazes at me with admiration from her highchair – enchanting big grey eyes follow me as I bustle about, cleaning the handful of cereal she tossed on the kitchen floor. She is a gorgeous 1 year old and  Read more
Imagine being a parent talking with your teenage child about issues and rules as they come up. There may be disagreements that you resolve, but you never have fights where there’s a clear winner and loser. Sounds impossible, right?  Read more
It started in the womb Research shows that brain development begins in the womb, which gives some truth to what mothers and midwives have advised for centuries – stay happy, keep calm by listening to music, embrace nature and  Read more
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