When it comes to designing a nursery, many parents now prefer a more stylish and sophisticated look rather than a room that screams “baby” in everything from walls to furniture. A design that will grow with your child and does not clash with the overall aesthetic of your house is more convenient and cost-efficient.

If you think that this is overwhelming and daunting, don’t stress! Here are some practical tips that will help you achieve a stylish space for your little one:

Create a moodboard

Mood boards or inspiration boards will help you flesh out ideas at the beginning of your design project.  Think of it as a guide—it keeps you focused so that you do not go over the top and include items that are not important. It also establishes the overall look and feel that you want for the nursery.

You can browse your favourite magazines and blogs or simply visit Pinterest for nursery design inspirations to get you started.

Choose the right lighting

Putting lamps or other light fixtures near the crib is not recommended, as it can create a serious choking hazard. This is why it is more advisable to use an overhead ambient lighting to illuminate the room. Some lighting stores in Sydney such as Urban Lighting offer interior pendants as a softer option to down lights or track lighting in the room.

Fiori di Pizzo Pendant Light from Urban Lighting

Fiori di Pizzo Pendant Light from Urban Lighting

You can also use a night light to help you see when checking in on your baby and illuminate the changing table for midnight diaper changes.

Pick functional accessories and furniture

Having a baby is already expensive, so it is important to choose accessories and furniture that are multifunctional. This will let you save space and money.

Opt for cots that can be transformed into a toddler bed and can keep your child cosy until they reach the age of four. There are also some that have drawers at the bottom for extra storage.

You can also try looking for a dresser that transforms into a changing table. To tidy up and maximise the space inside the drawers, use organisers or storage boxes and bins.

Nostalgia Dresser from Silver Cross

Nostalgia Dresser from Silver Cross

Creating a cosy yet stylish nursery without breaking the bank is possible. Just follow these simple tips and you’re good to go. Happy decorating!