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Rancan sisters fitness

The Rancan Sisters are back!

rancan_sistersThe Rancan Sisters of ‘Good Morning Australia‘ fame are back with a fresh approach to keeping fit! Australia’s most famous fitness family from the 1980s and 1990s have re-emerged from stints in LA and are now offering the most up-to-date knowledge on the new holistic direction in fitness.

The first to take fitness to the Australian masses, Adele and Lisa formed part of The Rancan Sisters. The face of the Australian fitness industry for over 20 years, The Rancan Sisters revolutionised the 80s aerobic scene, introducing the ‘step bench workout’ to Australia.

Working frequently with media, they appeared regularly on ‘Good Morning Australia’ and were the first to launch radio health and fitness on 2UE, 2GB and ABC, whilst working with international celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Dannii Minogue, Craig McLachlan and Tom Cruise.

Initially starting out with their own aerobic exercise centre, The Rancan Sisters went on to launch their own range of fitness videos, have their own Power Shoe named after them and launch Reebok into Australia.

The Rancan Sisters’ approached has evolved to embrace 21st century trends, recognising the need for holistic as well as traditional exercise methods. Adele worked as a personal trainer in LA focusing particularly on yoga and Vibration Training, while Lisa has taken extensive training in the ‘Joseph Pilates Method’ with regular visits to LA to ensure she’s abreast of the most up-to-date techniques.

More recently, The Rancan Sisters launched their LA fitness techniques to Australia, opening Rancan Sisters Vibe Studio Mosman. The studio features a boutique atmosphere with an emphasis on ambience and regaining balance.

The Rancan Sisters Vibe Studio Mosman offer Pilates Group Reformer Classes, Yoga, Personal Training and FITVIBE – vibration training.

Visit the Rancan Sisters at:

Rancan Sisters’ Tips, Information and Ideas

Adele and Lisa Rancan have shared some great tips, information and ideas on fitness, exercise, weight management, healthy eating and more with Mum Zone readers. Especially useful leading up to the festive season!

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 Party Season Fitness Survival Guide
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 How to get the Most out of Exercise at Home, for LessIf you’re committed to keeping fit but can’t always find the time (or funds) to join the gym, why not set yourself up for at home workouts? It doesn’t have to be expensive or take over the living room – just follow these tips to get your fitness fix at home…

 If you Exercise You can Eat What You Want – Right?? One of the most common misconceptions is that just an exercise program will burn calories and lead to weight loss – not true! In order to maintain or lose weight you need to look at your exercise to food intake ratio. Losing weight always involves decreasing the amount of calories you’re eating in addition to an exercise program…

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