Kids in the kitchen!

The very stylish Little Helper FunPod is bringing kids into the kitchen safely. No more standing kids on chairs or sitting them on bench tops to reach, the FunPod allows children to ‘help’ with the cooking in a contained space. Knives and boiling water can be kept well out of children’s reach, making it safe for children and less stressful for parents. In fact, a FunPod can even turn ‘hell hour’ into special time.

In Australia, around 14,000* children under five years of age are admitted to hospital each year with kitchen related injuries. With it’s anti-tip base and lockable footplate, the FunPod has been designed to avoid such injuries while still allowing kids into the kitchen.

Teaching children about healthy food and cooking from an early age can help develop good food habits that are carried through life. With the current obesity epidemic many health professionals and dieticians are encouraging parents to involve children in the cooking process. The FunPod makes this possible. Research also suggests that children who help prepare a meal are more likely to eat it, which makes the FunPod great news for parents of fussy eaters.

The award winning** FunPod has five height settings, making it a great product for children aged one to five years. It is available in three colours; black, red and natural.

So lets turn off the TV and get our kids in the kitchen!


The FunPod HighChair is now available too. This gorgeous product makes the FunPod even more versatile. The product comes as a regular FunPod with a Chair attachment. Simply slip the Chair into the FunPod to create the HighChair. The Chair can also be used as a stand alone seat, with or without the tray. The FunPod HighChair with reversible cushion is sure to compliment the most stylish of homes.

An optional extra is the FunPod WorkTop. The WorkTop converts the FunPod to additonal bench space when your child is not using it. The WorkTop can even be removed and used independently on the work surface.

A FunPod is available from

Mum Zone Release Date: 19th June 2008

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