Infant CPR – Can you Afford Not To Know It?

For all new parents, there are a plethora of new things to learn, from how to set up a nursery to childproofing a house, how to swaddle, to which cot is the most likely to give you a happy, sleeping baby.

One essential thing that all parents should consider is “do I have the skills to be able to resuscitate my baby if they stop breathing?”

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number one cause of death of infants in Australia is perinatal conditions (61.7%). The incidence of perinatal conditions causes on average 760 infant deaths per year in Australia. Many of these relate to respiratory conditions, and often these deaths occur outside the hospital.

These statistics are alarming, and are rarely spoken about. However, one of the most proactive and preventative measures any prospective new parent can take is to ensure they are fully trained in infant CPR.

CPR courses can often be costly and time consuming – neither of which is ideal for new parents, so Tiny Tots Online, a new Australian company specialising in high quality infant products, has just released an ‘at home’ Infant CPR training kit, with an instructional DVD produced professionally in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Resuscitation Guidelines.

The kit allows parents to learn Infant CPR in their own time and in the comfort of their own home. The kit can also be used to share with family and friends, allowing anyone who is responsible for the care and safety of an infant to be well informed and trained in Infant CPR.

Advanced Paediatric Life Support Australia (APLS) acknowledge the importance of CPR training in the general community and that is why they have endorsed this product, Infant CPR.

The kits retail at a highly affordable $49.50 (plus postage) and can be purchased online at At that price, could any parent afford NOT to do it?