How to keep your backyard family-friendly


As mums, we only want what’s best for our family. This includes giving priority to our kids’ home safety without the need to compromise the beauty of our homes.

To make family time even more enjoyable, create a space where the whole family can bond and relax. You may transform your very own backyard into a place where your kids are safe to play and have fun.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your backyard family-friendly:

Choose the right materials for designing your space

Install decks using high quality materials that can withstand heavy use. The deck is an important part of your backyard, as it is where you may find yourselves spending the most time in. Your deck must be safe to walk and play on so use materials that are not slippery. If you are going for a natural aesthetic, timber will do the job. You may have your deck installed from trusted providers like Thomsons Outdoor Pine.

Ensure pool safety

If your backyard has a pool, install high fences to keep your kids away from this area especially when there aren’t any adults around to supervise. Adding pool accessories like inflatables will not only keep your kids safe, but will also make swimming even more fun! This pool safety guide will help you maintain safety around your pool area.

Clear the area from hazardous materials

Keep your children away from sharp objects and toxic chemicals. This also includes barbecue grills and other cooking equipment. Store them in high places or in safer areas.

Get the right accessories

Finally, inspect your playsets such as slides and swings. Repair or replace broken ones to avoid accidents. Add safety mats or sand that will provide proper shock absorption. You may also consider creating DIY projects that are affordable, safe, and truly enjoyable.

Keep these tips in mind and you might just find your family never wanting to leave your backyard again! You may also check out our room-by-room guide to help you keep your entire home safe for your kids and the whole family.