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One of the most important things you need to develop as soon as possible is a routine that leads to bedtime for your baby – usually between six and eight months old so that the routine will take effect quicker. Being able to do this helps establish a consistent bedtime and less sleepless nights of your baby not falling asleep.

When setting a routine, your baby will know what to expect and feel comfortable as it will fall asleep a lot sooner that will lead to a better night’s rest for your baby – and for you as well. Building this routine will be important for helping the baby get rest even if the family moves to a new home with unfamiliar surroundings.

One easy tip is to give your baby a bath in the moments prior to bedtime. Having a warm bath not only helps clean the baby, but relaxes him/her. Some parents enjoy using scented oils into the water for some extra aromatherapy. If the baby is having an issue with adjusting to taking a bath at night, it might be wise to remove it from the routine.

Bathtime can be followed up with dressing baby in pajamas and taking them to a comfortable place to read them a story or play a quick board game. The goal is to make sure that you are involved in an activity that soothes the mind. Some options include the traditional peek-a-boo or making towers with stacking blocks.

Many parents also take the opportunity to read to their children, which can help introduce your baby to the world around them while also developing vocabulary and language skills. Parents can also try singing a popular lullaby or song, which eventually teaches the baby to know it’s time for sleep when the song is over.

Another trick is to say goodnight to the toys and other items your baby enjoys playing with on the way to bed. You can also do the same for other family members and even pets. This is one of the best ways to have your baby get acquainted with different things around the home; just don’t forget any of the stuffed animals that your baby will play with for the days and months to come.

It is also important for the parent to keep track of this routine so that it gives an opportunity for the baby and parent to build a special bond. This is the time to become more acquainted with your baby through fun every night.