‘Family Ties’ by Kate Coleman on flickr

There are a number of ways to spend quality time together as a family and scrapbooking can be the perfect activity that can vary depending on the age of your children. If they are old enough, they can help you with preserving family memories in photo albums that can be passed down from generation to generation.

The first thing to do in getting started is getting your children interested in looking at photographs; they naturally enjoying pointing out who is who in each frame. The older they get, they will begin to enjoy talking about the story behind the picture and the people who are in it. Whenever you have pictures from the days of black and white, your children can appreciate how life was different back then from what it is now.

With age still being a considerations, another fun part of scrapbooking can be allowing them to choose the paper the pictures are placed on, whether there are going to be any stickers used and the lettering and other design factors for each page’s layout. One common practice is having your child work on the page to the left while you work on the page to the right.

Children love using the little adhesives like zots and they are very easy to use. With the double-sided version, one end can be placed on the picture and the picture can easily be placed on the page. It’s simple and there’s less of a risk of having a big mess that comes from using paste or glue.

Don’t worry if you can’t get a picture to go on straight because having that little bit of crookedness can be quite fun for your children and that can lead to them being involved. They will take great pride in putting something together, so don’t be hard of them if they have their photographs a little off as well. If anything, it can be another fun story to share in addition to those shared from the photographs.

If your child can write, another way to add some scrapbooking fun is to have them use the photo album as a journal, where they write something about the pictures on the page. You can help them in telling the story told through the pages of the album. Just make sure you use sheet protectors so that there’s less of a chance those little fingers will smudge the photographs – you want them to be preserved as long as possible so they can share those happy memories with their children later on.

As a parent, you will discover how scrapbooking is an activity that can be enjoyed by all generations from past to present. Children can laugh when they see the bathing suits that their grandparents wore back in the day and other different factors of life that may seem unique and new to them now. The stories told can involve your childhood and you can share with them what you did for fun growing up and different life moments like how you were learning to drive in the snow or other crazy weather conditions.

Consider scrapbooking the perfect way to bridge the gap between you and your children and come to a wonderful middle ground for quality time that all of you can enjoy.