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There’s no secret to how kids enjoy playing in the dirt, mud and other things out in the yard. So it would seem like a great idea to get them interested in helping out around the garden, which can help show them how the vegetables you eat at the dinner table are grown. Having them learn how to maintain a garden can be fun, but it can also help develop responsibility of growing food to save money on groceries.

The key thing is helping kids be more active, eat healthier and reduce obesity among the younger generations. This family activity will also help accomplish multiple tasks from spending quality time together, improving diets and saving money on the grocery bill.

Getting up and moving

Gardening will be another activity to keep your children off the couch in the living room, where they would vegetate in front of the television watching cartoons or playing video games. Kids can start helping with watering and pulling some weeds around the age of 5. You can give them their own personal plot of the garden that they can grow their favorite vegetable; a spot they can be proud of.

A trip to the Farmers Market

Taking them to one of the local markets can help them see a variety of plants that people can grow and eventually sell to the public. Your child might eventually want to plant more vegetables in the garden once they see the profits that can be made from selling the excess.

Learning about plants

Gardening will also help teach kids about the different plant types that range from the pesky weeds to the fruitful tomato plants. Consider the garden like an interactive classroom that can almost replace a botany class.

Overall improve health

Not only are you adding better healthy choices around the dinner table, you are also getting your kids some exercise while being more in control of what gets to the table. Your kids will also learn about the importance of healthy eating while teaching them about how non-organic foods are made. Kids that help will also not be so likely to want to eat junk food and prefer to snack on what they grew themselves.

Fun times at future jobs

Kids will want to show off their work to visiting family members and other friends. This might also lead into developing a passion that can lead to an interesting career in agriculture or helping out at local farms. Maybe you child will want to run his own farm.