'feed me (Xmas at Aunt Terry's)' by Mark on Flickr

‘feed me (Xmas at Aunt Terry’s)’ by Mark on Flickr

The season of the holidays can bring happiness among families, neighbors and coworkers – which is often shared between large parties that include a lot of food, wine, soda and other items to fill up on during the gatherings. While it is normal, someone who is wanting to maintain their physical fitness might be worried.

But there are a number of ways to make sure you can avoid adding that holiday weight that everyone else around you complains about when it comes time for January and the start of the New Year.

Eat snacks in moderate fashion

There are going to be so many snacks that range from egg nog punch to those sugary cookies that everyone loves. You don’t want to be too close to the snack table, or else you might find it hard to stop filling your plate and your stomach. One way to make sure you don’t overeat is to keep yourself on the opposite end of the room so that getting more snacks takes a conscious effort in doing so.

Exercise often, like you would anyway

The holidays are no time to take a break from your morning run. In fact, it’s the perfect time to amp things up. The cooler temperatures might actually benefit so that you don’t feel overheated while running or walking so that you can burn some more calories than normal. Now if the weather doesn’t allow you to go outside, then do exercises in the living room like squats, stretches, pushups and other quick exercises. The goal is raise that heart rate up enough without breaking a sweat.

Focus on health-friendly snacks

When filling up your plate, focus more on the fruits and vegetables section of the table. Doing so will prevent you from wanting to add chips, hot dogs and other fried snacks because there isn’t enough room.

Drink water all day long

You’re supposed to drink six to eight glasses per day anyway to keep your body hydrated and everything working properly. The holiday season is no different than any other time of the year. Drink a good amount before, during and after each meal so that the liquid filling your stomach will trick you into thinking you are fuller than you really are. Now you likely won’t eat as many snacks at the party.

Small bites, small portions

One of the best things you can do is to make sure you eat small throughout the day so. That allows you to sample different things and not feel so guilty about saying you had some of the homemade pie and cheesecake. You can split that dessert with your spouse, one of your kids or another who might also have similar health goals as you.