“What can I say except WOW!!!!! These nappies are simply gorgeous.”

Why use Cushie Tushies cloth nappies?

  • Better for baby
  • Helps the environment
  • Saves lots of money!

Cushie Tushies modern cloth nappies are as easy and effective to use as disposables, plus they are highly economical AND environmentally friendly!

They are shaped like a disposable but made from soft, durable and absorbent materials. Available online at www.cushietushies.com.au.

The Couture by Cushie Tushies is our premium nappy and is seriously stylish! It is a trim-fitting design, yet is also very absorbent: hidden inside the Couture is a full layer of waterproof material (2mil PUL), superabsorbent bamboo/cotton attached to a full layer flannel, and a luxurious Microfleece inner lining. The Couture will stay dry for hours on end, meaning less nappies to change and wash!

Each Couture not only has a huge matching snapped-in booster – which is filled with bamboo/cotton and topped with Microfleece and can be doubled under the wet zone for extra protection – it also has a second separate matching mini booster, also filled with bamboo/cotton.

At $35 each, the Couture by Cushie Tushies comes in a range of fun colours and prints for the fashion conscious baby!

Our Basix nappy contains an outer layer of polar fleece (with an additional layer through the wet-zone for added leak protection), two large layers of absorbent bamboo inside the wet-zone, and an inner layer of soft flannel against baby’s skin.

The huge, sewn-in booster contains another two large layers of bamboo for added absorbency and is topped with a deliciously soft Micro fleece material.

The Basix comes in a range of Funday prints and Everyday plain colours. It is priced at $22 each and is also available in discount bulk packs.

Our one-size-fits-all design has been tested on boys and girls, from newborn to toddler, with great success. And because ours is a OSFA, it means the nappy you purchase when your little one is born will see them right through to toilet training! What a saving!

Cushie Tushies also stocks a range of must-have accessories for the cloth nappy change table, including: wipes, liners, bamboo boosters and hand knitted woolen covers.

About us

As any expectant mum, Michelle Fowler wanted to provide the best for her new baby. After researching all the options available to clothe her baby’s bottom, she decided that Modern Cloth Nappies were ideal. The birth of Shell’s first son in 2005 provided the inspiration for the very first Cushie Tushies nappy:

“I wanted the benefits of cloth with the ease of disposables – I was looking for all-in-one that was absorbent, easy to use, in fun, brightly coloured fabrics. There weren’t too many options within my limited budget that covered all the bases, so I created my own!”

It was such a fun and effective product that word spread. Pretty soon, Shell was making nappies for friends and strangers alike and, with the help of our customers’ feedback, the Cushie Tushie developed into the popular All In One cloth nappy that it is today.

Visit www.cushietushies.com.au today!