Coinciding with Small Business Month, 20 enterprising mothers are set to join the 168,000 women currently in small business in NSW when they graduate from Bizness Babes’ self-employment training course on Monday 21 September.

After completing finance, communication and marketing modules, these Mum-preneurs – dedicated to fulfilling their roles as both mother and professional, are ready to energize the business community with their unique ideas and services.

“This dynamic group joins a growing band of women who are choosing to create new futures for themselves and their children,” says Bizness Babes program coordinator Chrissy Crust. “We are so proud of each graduate’s accomplishments.”

Founded in 2006, Bizness Babes is an initiative sponsored by the Wise Foundation and actively supported by The Body Shop, and offers mothers the business tools needed to start, launch, grow, and sustain their business. Participants have access to
free workshops and childminding, expert guidance, networking groups and interest free loans from program partners at American Express.

According to Chrissy, Bizness Babes is a dynamic and progressive way of addressing some of the challenges that confront women when trying to balance rearing a family with earning an income. “Bizness Babes is a program by women for women who want to be in business. We provide a supportive business training environment for any Mum who has an idea and needs the means to make it happen,” says Chrissy.

Sophie, a mother of three young children, has been in business for a year designing clothes for hip little kids. “I started Barefoot Babies as a means to contribute to the household budget and to do something for myself,” says Sophie. “Through Bizness
Babes, I have rediscovered my self-confidence and learnt the tools to turn my passion into a profitable business.”

Jane Buchanan plans to start an online specialty cheese store and credits Bizness Babes with helping her create a sound business proposition that will complement her busy family life. “Establishing my own business is about flexibility and quality of life. I want to manage my work and family life on my own terms, not on someone else’s.”

She says the course has been challenging at times but well worth the hard work. “It’s pretty overwhelming – dissecting your business idea, running through the finances, then starting again till the numbers make good business sense. But working through all this in a supportive environment with the guidance of the amazing Bizness Babes trainers has been absolutely priceless.”

There are now more than 80 Bizness Babes graduates throughout New South Wales. For application details, please visit

Mum Zone Release Date: 16th September 2009