'Adrianna Pregnant Photoshoot' by Javier Ochoa on flickr

‘Adrianna Pregnant Photoshoot’ by Javier Ochoa on flickr

Thanks to models like Demi Moore causing belly-bearing being one of the biggest things in modern fashion, two-piece and other types of bathing suits might be something one would want to wear while at the pool or the beat – including those made for pregnant mothers.

It’s important to have a good bathing suit because swimming is one of the best ways to get exercise, so that attire becomes a necessity. Two piece suits can come in various styles and price ranges.

The key is to make sure that the swimsuit is made for women who are expecting, that means the bottom piece should have some elasticity to allow it to hug the mom’s belly as it grows during the pregnancy. Another popular item are tank top bikinis that will help highlight the enlarged breasts.

One-piece swimsuits should be avoided as it commonly draws attention to the growing belly. If you have no choice, tie a sarong when out of the water. There are also swimming skirts that can help cover up any of the excess fat on the hips and stomach area. While in the water, the skirt is designed to stay out of your way.

Another option is to look at bathing shorts and a tank top if you feel a little more shy and want to go more conservative on the beach or poolside.