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Baby name : Teague - the meaning of Teague

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Teague is a boy's name. The origin of the baby name Teague is Irish name with the following meaning(s):

Baby name meanging for Teague: The name Teague is a baby boy name. The name Teague comes from the Irish origin. In Irish The meaning of the name Teague is: Poet; Handsome.

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Teague has the following similar or variant Names:
Fav. Name Meaning Gender Origin
Teadora gift of God Female Romanian
Teagan The name Teagan is a baby girl... Female American
Teaghue The name Teaghue is a baby boy... Male Celtic
Teague The name Teague is a baby boy ... Male Gaelic
Teague, taidhg, tadhg poet Male Gaelic
Teal The name Teal is a baby girl n... Female American
Tealia Blooming. It can be spelled T... Female Unknown
Teamhair Where the kings met Female Irish
Teanna Free spirit or beautiful mind. Female English
Teaonia Unknown Female Unknown
Tearlach The name Tearlach is a baby bo... Male Scottish
Tearlach, tearley, tearly manly Male Gaelic
Tearle stern Male English
Tearley The name Tearley is a baby boy... Male Gaelic
Tearly The name Tearly is a baby boy ... Male Gaelic
Teca Hungarian form of Teresa (reaper) Female Hungary
Ted The name Ted is a baby boy nam... Male American
Tedd The name Tedd is a baby boy na... Male American
Teddi The name Teddi is a baby girl ... Female American
Teddie The name Teddie is a baby boy ... Male French
Teddy The name Teddy is a baby boy n... Male American
Tedman Refers to St. Edmund. Also ab... Male English
Tedmond The name Tedmond is a baby boy... Male American
Tedmund National protector Male English
Tedric Abbreviation of Theodore. Male English
Tedrick The name Tedrick is a baby boy... Male German
Teegan "Good Looking, beautiful" Female Chinese
Teela The name Teela is a baby girl ... Female American
Teetonka The name Teetonka is a baby bo... Male Native
Teferi Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethio... Male African

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