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Unique Baby Boys & Girls Names With Meaning

Baby Names and Name Meanings -
Boys Names and Girls Names

Preparing for your baby names and meanings is always full of excitement.  However, it can also be a quite challenging and emotional experience, because a name is one of the most defining thing that identifies a person in life.  In some religion and culture, a name is also like a prayer.  Therefore, a good name is like a good prayer that will accompany that person in life.

Studies have found that a name can sometimes mould the child’s personality and it can also have an impact in other people’s first impression on your child.

Coming up with a unique baby boy names and a unique baby girl names for your special bundle of joy, can be fun and educational at the same time too. When you’re a bit stuck, a good place to start finding that unique baby boy names and a unique baby girl names can be to find them based on the name meanings.

Discover a unique baby boy names and a unique baby girl names with good name meanings that also sounds fun and different!

Think of different ways to spell the name to make it different. Don’t forget to sound it to a few close friends and relatives, sometimes you’ll know it’s right when you say it out loud over and over again.

Even if you have already picked a name, it is also fun to learn the origins of the baby name as well. Origin based baby names gives pride to the child’s heritage, something that will accompany the child later in life no matter where he or she’ll end up at.

You will be able to find the right name in our growing collection of baby names and meanings. There are a lot of baby boys names and girls names to choose from. To make it easier for you, you can search the baby names by their meanings, origins, as well as alphabetically.

You’ve picked a few good names, but is still indecisive?  Simply add them to your favourite baby names list and decide later.  You never know, some parents says that they’re still indecisive until birth, but from the first moment they first hold their baby, they instantly know which name fits your bundle of joy best.

Happy Name Hunting!


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